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9th-Sep-2020 11:31 pm - semi-friends only

♥semi-friends journal♥

if you want to add me, comment here!
thank you <3
22nd-Jan-2011 10:55 am - 034 - Noa
Haaaaay~ This is my dog Noa :D Have some pictures of him :)

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7th-Apr-2010 04:39 pm - 030 - FB 8D

I admit! I have no life atm :D

Since I'm not working now I tend to spend lots of time playing FB games~ WHICH IS BAD 8D but IDC! :DDD <33

BUT! I made this update only because I made that *points up* on meh farm ville :D U-KISS IS EVERYWHERE 8D

30th-Mar-2010 01:19 pm - 029 - :D
I'm on a diet~ yes~ 8D
for 3 days now <3;


I'm not like that lol :)

I just gave up on bread, chocolate, cheese, sweets and salami because those are the things I LOVE and eat the most. So without these things I will get my weight down.
Not that I mind my current weight but lately I noticed how my stomach is too big, my arse is even bigger and damn... my hips are huge x_x;
My body does NOT know of good proportions.

I finally took a recent photo of myself:

I'm thinking about changing my hair ~ will leave it long in back like always but I would try to whiten it out as much as possible and add some red streaks or something? Anyone have any idea what could I do with it? I'm totally undecided when it comes to my hair but I'm always open to any suggestions and my hair stylist love me because of that xD;;
eli sup


15th-Mar-2010 05:50 pm - 027 - not working is nice :D ...
tero woo
... but freaking boring xD;;

lol~ I think that lately I'm up to date with EVERYTHING! It makes me sick xD;; lol~

I like being lost little puppy that doesn't know what the heck is going around it :D

... and here I am knowing EVERYTHING ... well not everything but you know what I mean~ xD;; lolz~

If I'm not online then I'm constantly being pulled at my sleeve and going around with friends.

I don't know what to do~ missing work much ? :D Should I find myself new job? Should I ? Should I? O___O!!!
I honestly thought once I quit I will feel relaxed and weeeee and woooo and wooosh~ erm... >_>; yeah you know what I mean~
But lately I just keep on jumping around, wondering if I should find a new job before season comes ._.;;


When I work I work seriously and do everything (even what's not in my job description) but when I'm at home I'm all lyk "I want to be freeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ 8DDD *random jumping noises and flapping hands*

Argh~ What to do??? X_X

Someone find me some good KPOP or JROCK RPG comm T_T I'm BEGGING YOU!! ;o;

I need some distraction :D idk how many jdramas I watched already x_x; it's all messy in my head :D
knows it zeh best! When we talked irl I couldn't remember half of the things I watched~ or even names of the actors ._. too many of them for my little brain T_T; information overload :DD

okay I'm off to flap meh hands some more :D and possibly find some rp comm .___.

weee? :D


.... and AHEM!! that thingie that will be called new virus of 2010 :DDD;;;

okies OFF!!

.. off from the compu not off with clothes x_x;

damn~ I'm too hyper atm :DD

love ya all!! <3

GO WATCH :D THEY made me hyper :DD;;;
28th-Feb-2010 02:15 am - 026 - new external HD
Yesterday I bought myself new external HD! 1.5TB! W0000t! I already transferred around 600GB of Asian movies to it ._.;;

I still have more Asian Movies to transfer from all other external HD's 8DD;; *shot*
I think once I finish with it~ it shall be full :D

Right now it's 2am~ lol!
Anywayz~ couldn't sleep >_>; And I'm working from 7am~ fun fun fun!
I should move my ass and make some more layouts for ukiss comm along with some gifs or something~
arrrrr~ 8DD
my liking for U-Kiss is turning into a weird obsession but how can you not like them? 8DDD;;;
27th-Feb-2010 04:00 pm - 025 - U-kiss gif :D

I just had to ._.!!!!!

*crawls back into the hole* 8DD


Don't ask xD;;;
I started watching this drama called Untouchable and after seeing this scene~ LOL! I just had to make a gif xD;
Guy's face was priceless xD;;;

Hm~ might make some more gifs now xD;;;;

And possibly a tutorial on how to make them because seriously~
It took me some time to figure out how to make them in CS4 x_x;
yes yes I know~ I fail like that xD;;

18th-Feb-2010 07:57 pm - 023 - new layout :D
I have a new layout :D
Feat. Eli of U-Kiss ofc
And it's entirely and purely wickedlove13 fault 8D I LUFF YA! 8DD;;; <3

And I was stamped as Eli at ukiss_ratings  ♥ rawrz~

I'm too lazy out of inspiration to make a footer so I will do that some other day :D;;;

yayz~ I like how it turned out~ xD;;
Now need to make some U-Kiss icons :D;;;
talking about being obsessed ._.
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